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This time, it's different.

My name is Caitlin Coakley. I’m a writer, mom, and activist from Chesterfield. And now, I’m running for office to represent the 65th District in the House of Delegates. 

I’m running because of the hard work we’ve all done this past year - learning new online platforms, adhering to new safety precautions, coaching our kids through online school. And we still made the time to come together last summer to demand equity in public health, in worker's protections, and in racial justice. After all that, we deserve a representative who works as hard as we have.

I believe in public service that puts my district and our community at the forefront. My opponent has held this seat for more than two decades and has been complacent as families in our district continue to plead for rural broadband, better education for their children, and the defense of our natural resources. People across the district are fed up with old, tired ideas developed in party echo chambers, and elected officials who vote for their donors, not their constituents.

And I believe in movements, organizers, and activism.  I have been involved with multiple activist groups and community organizations that advocate for social justice, women’s rights, education, and criminal justice reform. Through that work, I learned how to listen, and the necessity of representing all populations in the district.  It’s time for the kind of leadership that is forged on the ground, in the streets, doing the work for the people.

This is a grassroots campaign, which means we’re getting back to the basics: Talking to people in the community who have lost faith in their leaders to engage them in the political process. We have the vision to inspire voters to become advocates, not just observers. 

That’s why I am asking for you to invest your time, your donations, and your vote so we can meet this moment and build a better future for Virginia.

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